MedExpress Anti-Viral Videos

Thanks for helping us stop viral videos from spreading!

At MedExpress, we don’t like when anything goes viral. Not even videos. So we created these hard to watch, unskippable pre-roll ads to stop the spread of viral videos.

Next time you need help stopping the spread of a viral illness like the flu or a cold, swing by MedExpress, your Anti-Viral Headquarters. We’re open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a full medical team ready to help you knock down that viral illness just like we helped you knock down that soon to be viral, trending everywhere video that even your grandma knew about.



To avoid contact with germy surfaces, try wearing oven mitts.
Stop the spread. #AntiViral

Go ahead, work up a sweat. And wipe that machine down.
Stop the spread. #AntiViral

Keep calm and wash on.
Stop the spread. #AntiViral

Social Dilemma 101 - To share or not to share your drink at the movies with your sweetheart? Be cruel to be kind and say no!
Stop the spread. #AntiViral

Whatever you do, please don’t share this.