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December 9, 2019

Written by Leah Barr, Community Involvement and Growth Coordinator

At MedExpress, our commitment to health extends far beyond patient care. That’s why we recently partnered with Strider Sports and the All Kids Bike Campaign in Minneapolis to bring healthy physical activity to children in the area.

Supporting healthy families and healthy lives is evident in the patient-centric care our staff provides within the walls of our centers. Outside the walls of our centers, and through the efforts of our employees, MedExpress' focus on giving back to our patients doesn’t waiver. In my role as a Community Involvement and Growth Coordinator, I have the privilege of translating our commitment to health and wellness to over 60 communities across the country. By partnering with like-minded organizations who are promoting healthy lifestyles, I am personally able to have a hand in increasing the long-term wellbeing of children and families, and have fun doing it.

Earlier this summer, we had the opportunity to partner with Strider Sports International, Inc. in our Minneapolis market to help empower Minnesota kids to be healthy through physical activity. Strider Sports hosts annual racing events that promote the use of Strider bikes in kids as young as two years old, increasing motion and balance for years to come.

Racing Toward Health

a MedExpress tent and a little boy holing a sign that says Go Gus

Through our partnership with Strider Sports, MedExpress sponsored the Strider Cup race in Minneapolis. In the shadow of US Bank Stadium, kids of all ages took to the course to race their bikes on a beautiful sunny day in July. The partnership was a perfect fit for MedExpress; by supporting the race, we were able to encourage kids to engage in friendly competition that also increased their activity levels. For race supporters and spectators, MedExpress provided a cheer sign station that friends and families could utilize to help encourage their little racer.

Taking it One Stride Further

two MedExpress employees donating bikes as part of the All Kids Bike Campaign

To go the extra mile, MedExpress sponsored a school through the All Kids Bike Campaign Kindergarten PE Program. With the help of our $4,000 donation, the Kindergarten PE program at Valley View Elementary in Columbia Heights, MN received a set of structured lessons, 22 bikes and 22 helmets, both of which mean 22 opportunities to help kids get out there and get moving.

And our giving back efforts didn’t stop there. Along with MedExpress Center Managers Ricky Ewing and Chris Holmquist, we attended a bike build at Valley View Elementary and had a hand in putting together each of the 22 bikes for the future kindergarten class and made sure they were ready for the 2019-2020 school year.

Together, as organizations committed to health, we’re making sure young children throughout Minneapolis have the tools and opportunities to learn how to ride a bike while also empowering them to stay healthy in the future through exercise. While I don't see patients in our centers, my work is deeply tied to the mission of MedExpress by living our values of being Genuine. Caring. Friendly.® each and every day. I'm very fortunate that, in my position, I am able to encourage healthier lifestyles for all ages.

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