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We understand the importance of keeping employees healthy and productive that is why we offer MedExpress CorporateCare®. Through this program, employers are able to quickly and easily ensure the health of their employees through our Workers' Compensation, Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care services. CorporateCare is designed to help employers keep their employees in optimal health and reduce employee absenteeism.

Workers' Compensation

Our first priority, as the leader in urgent care delivery, is to provide Great Care. Fast.® to an injured worker.  However, we also understand the importance and value of helping employers get their employees healthy and back to work quickly as possible.  To do this, we work closely with the employer to determine the best plan of action for the injured worker.

Communication is the key to ensure claims are processed promptly and accurately. Our philosophy is to make certain the injured worker receives the best possible care while being conscience of OSHA recordable and lost work time.

MedExpress will adhere to your company's current workers' compensation procedures and will coordinate any and all necessary outside medical referrals that may arise.

Occupational Medicine

Many of our clients, like trucking, mining and manufacturing companies, are governed by regulatory agencies. Our clients appreciate the convenience our centers offer by being open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week*. We offer employers and their employees a fast, affordable option for a variety of services. Services include, but not limited to: pre-employment screenings, Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals and drug tests, alcohol screenings, and many other occupational medicine needs. Our weekend and evening hours allow employees to be seen at their convenience, without missing work, and to receive the services they need so they can get back to work faster.


Beyond our Workers' Compensation and Occupational Medicine services, the real advantage of MedExpress CorporateCare is that it saves your business and your employees' money. By encouraging workers to choose MedExpress Urgent Care over the ER, they will pay lower co-pays for considerate care in a warm and welcoming environment, and in many instances be seen more quickly. As the employer, you will also be able to take advantage of lower health care premiums when more of your employees make the switch to affordable urgent care. It is a win-win for all.

For more information on how CorporateCare can keep your business and employees healthy, contact your local center OR email