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Health Tips

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Health Tips

When we can't care for you in person, we still want you to be safe and healthy. Below you'll find tips to help you stay well and identify common ailments and their treatment. Of course, you can always visit a MedExpress near you, should you have any other questions/concerns. These are meant to be general guidelines and should not replace the advice of a medical provider.

Allergies or Cold?
Bites & Stings
Broken Bones
Cold vs. Flu
Cuts & Scrapes
Ear Infections
Fire Ants
Heat Exhaustion
High Blood Pressure
MRSA Infection
Poison Ivy
Sea Lice
Strains & Sprains
Strep Throat
Super Lice
Ticks & Lyme Disease
Viral & Bacterial Infections

Ask the Doc

Common Flu Myths to Forget
Healthy Through the Holidays

Holiday Travel Tips
Is Your Child Too Sick for School?

Outdoor Exercise
Post-Camp Health Concerns
School Year Resolutions
Tips to Help You Talk to Your Doctor
X-rays: What Are They Used For?
When Does Sunburn Require Medical Attention?

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