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MedExpress is happy to partner with your school and provide a variety of interactive health and wellness activities. Read through the descriptions below, then request a username and password to access an online store where you can download and order these materials.


Health + Wellness Bingo

bingo card with pencils next to it

Postage stamp, cover all, or whichever way you choose. It’s easy to get active with your health and wellness bingo card. Perfect for all ages and can be used during P.E., indoor recess on a rainy day or when students need a brain break!

High Fives for Health

hands cut out and displayed on a wall with childrens hands below them

Celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day or Global Handwashing Day with our High Fives for Health activity. This educational art project can be completed in art classes, as an entire school or individually by students. So, grab some crayons and markers and check out our helpful resources to teach your students how to scrub away germs.

Let’s Investigate!

three images of bread in a bag to show the three stages of bread becoming moldy

With just a few slices of bread, you can experiment with students and show them the importance of hand washing. Perfect for middle school and high school science classes learning about mold, bacteria or viruses.

Germy Hands

a child showing their hand with glitter all over it

Sharing is caring, except when it comes to germs. By watching this kid-friendly educational video and using some glitter and hand sanitizer, students will learn how germs spread and what they can do to prevent them. The germy hands video is ideal for elementary school students ages 5-10.

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download or order materials

If you are interested in doing any of these activities with your students or would like healthy handouts for your health clinic, request a username and password to download and order materials.

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