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MedExpress is proud to support our local communities by providing resources that educate children about the importance of healthy habits. We are excited to partner with schools, daycares, and extracurricular groups in our neighborhoods.

Our three unique programs, Teddy Bear Clinics, Build Your Own First Aid Kit, and Germy Hands, can be brought to your location and are provided free of charge by MedExpress team members.

If your group is interested in any of our free community programs, please complete this request form and email it to

Children in a room sitting on beanbag chairs looking at a MedExpress employee and Sniffles the teddy bear

Teddy Bear Clinics

Our Teddy Bear Clinics teach children about basic healthcare treatments and what to expect when visiting the doctor through the help of a teddy bear and a fun children’s book.

Our warm and welcoming team members will lead classes or groups of children as they learn about hand washing, X-rays, medical tools, and much more. Kids are also encouraged to bring along their own stuffed and fuzzy friends and follow along.

Teddy Bear Clinics are ideal for children ages 3-8.

Build Your Own First Aid Kit

The Build Your Own First Aid Kit program educates children about basic first aid and injury prevention. Our friendly team members lead demonstrations that teach children about how people get sick, how to prevent the spread of germs, and when to visit the doctor.

Kids are then able to build their own first aid kit complete with bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, and gloves.

Build Your Own First Aid Kit workshops are ideal for children ages 4-14.

Germy Hands 

The Germy Hands Program teaches children about what a virus is, how it spreads, and the importance of healthy habits – including basic hygiene, such as hand washing and sneezing into your elbow.

Our helpful team members lead classes or groups of children through a demonstration and help them to learn proper handwashing techniques.

The Germy Hands Program is ideal for children ages 3-10.

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