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We appreciate the opportunity to keep you and your employees healthy. To help ensure the best possible visit to MedExpress, we’ve created this resource page. This is where you’ll find the answers to your questions, important forms and valuable information.

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This is where you’ll find the tools needed to inform your employees about our services and the various forms that they’ll need when they make a visit.


Authorization Form

This required form, when completed, makes visits and billing processes more efficient.

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Welcome Kit

An overview of the various services that MedExpress offers to your workforce.

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DOT Testing FAQ

Info on how your employees can sign up for a test and a helpful handout to get them started.

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ER vs Urgent Care Kit

What’s the appropriate place for your employees to get care? This toolkit can help answer that.

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If you have additional questions you don’t see here, please let us know . We’re here to help!

  • Interested in setting up an account with MedExpress?

    To learn more or to partner with MedExpress, please contact us using this form.

    What services can be provided?

    What states do you currently operate in?

    • Arkansas
    • Delaware
    • Maryland
    • Massachusetts
    • Minnesota
    • Pennsylvania
    • Texas
    • Virginia
    • West Virginia

    Does my employee need an appointment?

    No appointments or referrals are necessary. 

    Can my employee schedule an appointment?

    At this time, only appointments for DOT physicals can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance. Call us at 1-844-832-2689. 

    For all other appointments, your workforce can always walk in. The best time for your employees to get in and out is during lunchtime. Our morning and evenings can get busier – especially during a heavy illness season – so stopping by mid-day for employer health services can help your employees to have shorter wait times and the most convenient visit possible. Wait times are subject to patient volume and provider availability.

    What do I need to do to send my employee to MedExpress?

    Fully complete our Employer Authorization Form for occupational medicine visits or our Workers' Compensation Initial Visit Information Sheet for workers' compenation visits, including patient and company information and all services being requested. Send the completed form with the pateint to your nearby center.

    Instead of completing this form, the supervisor may opt to call the center directly and provide employee/employer information and authorization.

    What should the employee bring with him/her?

    • Valid driver's license, state/federal/local issued ID, or employer issued badge
    • Insurance card (if applicable).
    • Payment for insurance co-pay or self-pay payment due at the time of treatment
    • List of current medications
    • List of past surgeries and medical conditions
    • List of any allergies
    • Any medical documentation needed for a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical

    Will the employee’s healthcare information be shared with the employer?

    Patient medical information is not shared with the company. Only results of the services administered are shared with the employer.

  • Do you offer scheduled DOT physicals?

    Yes, MedExpress schedules DOT physicals up to 30 days in advance. Call us at 1-844-832-2689 to choose a date and time that works best.

    When scheduling appointments, we’ll let you know of any supplemental information that your drivers may need to bring from their primary care physicians or specialists. See our DOT Driver Handout to learn more.

    We also accept walk-ins, but we recommend calling us at 1-844-832-2689 or contacting your local center to ensure a DOT-certified provider is on staff.

    Is an employee required to complete their DOT Physical Health History online prior to arriving at the center?

    No, they are not required to do so.

    What does “determination pending” mean for a driver?

    Additional information/exam results are needed and must be provided to MedExpress within 45 days. The driver must return to the same center.

    During “determination pending,” the driver can only drive while his or her previous certification is valid. If they have no previous certification, they cannot drive until the “determination pending” status is resolved.

    Do bus drivers need to be DOT certified if they cross state lines?

    Yes, by crossing state lines they are considered to be participating in interstate commerce. However, if they will be transporting students locally, within one state, then they are considered to be an intrastate driver.

    As an employer, you are responsible for determining the driver’s classification.

    Who is responsible for reporting to the state DMV?

    The driver is responsible. MedExpress does not reach out to the state DMVs.

  • How long does the process take to receive results from a drug or alcohol screening?

    Negative rapid urine drug screen (UDS) test results are sent to the employer within one hour of the screening. In the case of a positive rapid UDS test result, the employer will be notified the same day that it has been sent to the lab.

    The lab can take anywhere from three to seven business days to send results.

    For standard UDS tests, a negative result may take up to three days. A positive result may take seven to ten days because the medical review officer calls the donor to verify prescriptions. The donor has five days to call the medical review officer back.

    Hair test results may take between one to three business days.

    Alcohol tests are reported to the employer on the same day.

    What drugs are tested for?

    MedExpress is capable of testing for many different drugs, including:

    • Cocaine 
    • Marijuana 
    • Opiates 
    • Methamphetamines 
    • Phencyclidine (PCP) 
    • Barbiturates 
    • Benzodiazepines 
    • Methadone 
    • Methaqualone 
    • Propoxyphene 
    • Hydrocodone 
    • Oxycodone 
    • Hydromorphone 
    • Oxymorphone

    Does MedExpress provide hair testing?

    Yes, we offer a non-DOT test and a 5-panel drug test with expanded opiates.

    What is the time limit to send an employee to the center for post-accident testing?

    The drug test must be conducted within 32 hours of the accident, and the alcohol test within two hours of the accident. If the alcohol test is not conducted within two hours, the employer should continue to make an effort to have the driver tested for up to eight hours.

    As well, the employer should prepare and maintain, on file, a record stating the reasons the test was not administered.

    Do you offer electronic drug and alcohol testing results?

    Clients that use MedExpress’ lab and medical review officer have access to, an online web-based solution for result reporting. allows clients to:

    • Track the status of a collection.
    • Receive email notifications.
    • Schedule donor testing online.
    • Check statistics and summaries.

    MedExpress clients can also choose to receive results via fax

    • DOT physicals are always received electronically.
    • Clients that use their own lab and medical review officer for drug testing will receive the chain of custody form by fax and test results from their lab.
  • The following answers refer to an employer’s billing needs. If you are a patient and have a question about billing, please access our Billing and Payment page.

    I haven’t received my statement. Whom should I contact?

    If you haven’t received your paper statement, please contact our Outcome Assurance Team at 877-869-4397. Hours specifically for billing questions are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. (EST).

    Why am I being billed at this price?

    For pricing questions, please reach out to your account executive. If you do not know your account executive’s contact information, please contact our EHS Sales Team at 833-317-9192.

    I believe I was billed incorrectly or that my bill should have gone to another party. Whom should I contact?

    If you believe you were incorrectly billed, please contact our Outcome Assurance Team at 877-869-4397. Hours specifically for billing questions are Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. (EST).

  • How can I find the requirements for workers’ compensation?

    Each state has different requirements for workers’ compensation. They are listed along with contact information on the U.S. Department of Labor website.

    Are there workers’ compensation forms that will need filled out before sending my employee in?

    Please review your state’s requirements for any necessary forms.

    How can I update my insurance carrier?

    Clients can reach us via our contact form.

    Patients should access our Understanding Billing and Payment page for information on paying a bill or direct billing to insurance providers.

    For new Employers looking to partner with MedExpress for Workers' Compan Injury Care, contact

    What should I expect following an employee injury?

    A work status report will be given to the employee and faxed/emailed to the employer. The recheck dates and treatment status will be clearly marked on the work status.

    The visit notes, duty form, results, and additional documentation (dependent upon state regulations) will then be sent to the insurance company and all specialist referrals will be authorized by the insurance carrier.

    Didn't see your question above? Contact us.

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