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No one can choose when they get in an accident. But if you are in pain from a recent car accident, you don’t need to wait for care. Schedule a visit online or just walk in to MedExpress to start feeling better.


Before reading any further, if you have a serious injury or believe that you have a concussion, go to an emergency room or call 911 immediately.

If you’ve been in a car accident and have received an injury like a broken bone, burn, cut, scrape, sprain or strain, your neighborhood MedExpress is ready to diagnose your injury and get you back to feeling your best.

We offer the following services at every one of our MedExpress locations:

  •  Broken bones: Examination and treatment of broken and fractured bones, including splints
  •  Burns: Treatment for minor burns
  •  Cuts and scrapes: First aid for cuts and bruises, including stitches and staples
  •  Sprains and strains: Evaluation and initial treatment for injuries
  •  X-rays: We offer X-rays in every one of our locations

We will also provide you with the medical records you need in case you need to prove your injuries or follow up with another provider.

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Where should you go for care? MedExpress is here for timely treatment of everyday illnesses and injuries. When it comes to life-threatening conditions such as trauma or chest pains, always choose the ER. To learn more about your health care options, visit MedExpress or Emergency Room?

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Hurt in a car accident? Schedule an appointment online or walk in any time from 8 to 8 every day.


For your convenience, we accept most major insurance, most of which cover the urgent care you need to verify that your insurance is in-network, visit the Plan Your Visit page. We also offer a discount to those patients who choose to pay in full for their visit at the time of service. Self-pay services are $199.

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