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We are proud to offer customized, comprehensive on-site health clinics at your worksite, delivering health and well-being services, expert primary care, specialty services, and occupational medicine to your employees, right where they work.

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our difference


We simplify healthcare by providing a differentiated experience of quality, low cost care at the right place and time. Our approach integrates patients, data, and care in a meaningful way.

As the portal of entry into a comprehensive and connected continuum of care, our fully customizable, broad scope of on-site solutions serve as a gateway to a robust suite of offerings that together simplify healthcare, improve quality, provide differentiated experiences, and lower the total cost of care for employers and their employees.

MedExpress Why Us

our approach

complete customization + staffing

We'll work with you to learn your overall needs and develop a staffing model tailored to your employees.

managed budgets + controlled costs

We’ll help you manage chronic conditions, reduce unnecessary ER visits, and lessen overall healthcare spend.

convenience + reduced time away

Your workforce can get care without leaving or missing work, leading to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

outcomes reporting + engagement

We'll deliver regular reporting and an employee engagement plan so that you can monitor what's important to you.

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our services

Our goal is to provide your employees with access to quality care so that they can achieve better health outcomes. You can choose from our customizable list of service offerings.

customizable service offerings

  • acute care
  • convenience care
  • primary care
  • specialty care
  • occupational medicine
  • workers' comp

comprehensive care

  • chronic condition management
  • health coaching
  • behavioral health
  • wellness and prevention
  • case management
  • travel medicine


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models of care


All models of care are built from one of four foundations:

  • Registered nurse 
  • Registered nurse + telehealth 
  • Nurse practitioner + medical assistant 
  • Physician-led + support staff



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